ASUS G73 Disassembly Procedure – Part 1

ASUS G73 Disassembly Procedure – part 1

Please follow the information provided in this section to perform the complete disassembly procedure of the notebook. Be sure to use proper tools described before.

ASUS  G73  Series  Notebook  consists  of  various  modules.  This  chapter  describes  the procedures for the complete notebook disassembly. In addition, in between procedures, the detailed disassembly procedure of individual modules will be provided for your service needs.

The disassembly procedure consists of the following steps:

◆    Battery Module

 ◆    Memory Module

◆    HDD Module

◆    Wireless LAN Module 

◆    ODD Module

◆    Keyboard Module  

◆    Top Case Module

◆    LCD Module 

◆    Motherboard Module

◆    Bottom Case Module 


 Battery Module

The illustration below shows how to remove the battery module.

Remove Battery Module

Open latch 1 and hold the latch 2 when take the battery away.

battery module

Memory Module

The illustration shows how to remove the Memory Module form the notebook.

Remove Memory Module

1. Remove 2 screws (M2.5*5) on the bottom door and take away the bottom door.

memory module

2. Pull two latches here to pop the memories module up at 45° angles, and then pull out the module at that angle.

memory module 2

HDD Module

The illustrations below show how to remove the HDD Module from the notebook.

Remove HDD Module

1. Remove 4 screws (M2.5*5) on HDD module. Lift up the HDD module and take it away.



2. Remove 4 screws (M3*4) to separate HDD from HDD housing


Wireless LAN Module

The illustration below shows how to remove the Wireless LAN Module from the notebook.

Remove Wireless LAN Module

Disconnect the antennas and remove 2 screws (M2*4) on Wireless LAN card and pull out the card from its slot.Wireless lan module

ODD Module

The illustrations below show how to remove the ODD Module.

Remove ODD Module

1. Remove 1 screw (M2.5*5) on the bottom case and pull out the ODD module from the compartment.odd module

Keyboard Module

The illustrations below show how to remove the asus g73 Keyboard and disassemble the asus g73 Keyboard Cover.

Remove the Keyboard

1. Open 5 latches (ESC, F5, F9, PrtSc and End) on keyboard module by a pair of tweezers.keyboard module 1

2. Turn over the keyboard plate and disconnect the keyboard FPC, LED FPC and remove the keyboard plate.keyboard module 2

Remove Keyboard Cable

  1. Use a flexible connector tool to unlock the cable connector on both ends (no. 1).
  2. Carefully pull out the keyboard cable (no. 2) with a pair of tweezers.
  3. Lock the connector (no. 3) again to avoid possible breakage.keyboard module 3
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