ASUS G73 Disassembly Procedure – part 2

ASUS G73 Disassembly Procedure – part 2

Please follow the information provided in this section to perform the complete disassembly procedure of the notebook. Be sure to use proper tools described before.

ASUS  G73  Series  Notebook  consists  of  various  modules.  This  chapter  describes  the procedures for the complete notebook disassembly. In addition, in between procedures, the detailed disassembly procedure of individual modules will be provided for your service needs.

The disassembly procedure consists of the following steps:

◆    Battery Module

◆    Memory Module

◆    HDD Module

◆    Wireless LAN Module

◆    ODD Module

◆    Keyboard Module

◆    Top Case Module

◆    LCD Module

◆    Motherboard Module

◆    Bottom Case Module

Top Case Module

The illustrations below show how to remove and disassemble the Top Case Module of the notebook.

Remove the Top Case Module

1. Remove 2 screws (M2*4) on the bottom case. Then pry the hinge cover by a plastic blade and remove the hinge cover.

top case module 1

top case module 2

2. Remove 17 screws (M2.5*5, M2*4) on the bottom case. Then remove 6 screws (M2.5*7) on the LCD hinges and lay down the LCD module.

top case module 3

top case module 4

top case module 5

3. Remove 6 screws (M2.5*5) on the top case. Then disconnect the switch board FPC, speaker cable and the touchpad FPC.

top case module 6

4. Pry the edges of the top case and remove the top case to take it away.

top case module 7


Disassemble the Top Case Module

5. Tear off the mylars on the touchpad. Remove 2 screws (M2*5) on the touchpad bracket. Disconnect the touchpad FPC and remove the touchpad module.

top case module 8


6. Remove 2 screws (M2.5*5) on the touchpad bracket and separate the touchpad board and the touchpad bracket.

top case module 10

7. Remove 3 screws (M2*3) on the power switch board. Remove the power switch board from the top case module 11

8. Remove 1 screw (M2.5*5) on the speaker and take away the speaker.

LCD Module

The illustrations below show how to remove and disassemble the LCD Module.

Remove the LCD Module

1. Disconnect the following the cable from the motherboard: LCD light bar cable, LVDS cable, CMOS MIC cable. Pull out the WLAN antennas from the hole in the motherboard. Pry the latch fixing the cables and release the cables. Separate the LCD module from the whole system.

lcd module 1

lcd module 2

Disassemble the LCD Module

2. Remove 2 screws (M2.5*6) on the LCD bezel. Pry the edges of LCD bezel and remove the front bezel.

lcd module 3

lcd module 4

3. Remove the LED board.

lcd module 5

4. Remove 4 screws (M2.5*6) on the lower bracket. Then remove the lower bracket.

5. Remove 3 screws (M2.5*4, M2.5*5) on the each LCD hinges. Then remove the both hinges.

lcd module 7

lcd module 8

5. Remove 6 screws (M2.5*4, M2.5*5) fixing the LCD panel and take away the LCD panel.

lcd module 9

lcd module 10

6. Remove 4 screws (M2.5*4) on the LCD up bracket and remove the up bracket.

lcd module 11

lcd module 12

7. Disconnect the camera and its cable. Then remove the CMOS MIC cable from its cover.

lcd module 13

8. Disconnect the LVDS cable from the LCD panel. Remove 8 screws (M2*3) on the LCD brackets and separate the LCD brackets.

lcd module 14

lcd module 15

 Motherboard Module

The illustrations below show how to disassemble and remove the Motherboard Module.

Remove the Motherboard Module

 1. Remove 3 screws (M2*6) on each asus g73 cpu cooling fan. Disconnect the fan cables. Remove 2 fans

motherboard module 1

motherboard module 2

2. Remove 3 screws (M2.5*5) on the motherboard. Then disconnect the following cables:

LAN board cable, Bluetooth cable, audio board cable and the SATA FFC. Remove the motherboard from the bottom case.

motherboard module 3

motherboard module 4

Disassemble the Motherboard Module

3. Remove 4 screws (M2*4) on the heat sink. Then remove the heat sink.

motherboard module 5

4. Using the single slot screw driver to turn the non-removable screw to loosen the CPU. Then suck up the CPU by the vacuum handling tool.

motherboard module 6

5. Loosen 4 screws on the VGA thermal. Then remove the thermal. Remove 2 screws (M2*3) on the VGA card and remove the VGA card.

motherboard module 7

motherboard module 8

Bottom Case Module

The illustrations below show how to disassemble the Bottom Case Assy.

Disassemble the Bottom Case

1. Remove the Bluetooth module.

bottom case module 1

2. Remove 2 screws (M2*4) fixing the HDD board and remove it. Remove 2 screws to separate the HDD board and its bracket.

bottom case module 2

bottom case module 3

3. Remove 2 screws (M2.5*5) on the audio board. Turn over the audio board and disconnect the speaker cable. Remove the audio board and the speaker.

bottom case module 4

bottom case module 5

4. Remove 1 screw (M2.5*5) on the LAN board and remove the LAN board.

bottom case module 6


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