How to Install an Asus U50 U50F Keyboard

asus u50f laptop

The Asus U50 series laptops contain a mid-size screen, standard components and a chicklet laptop keyboard. The asus u50 u50f keyboard tends to be one of the first components to wear out because it’s filled with moving pieces that receive the most use other than the touch pad. While the repair is uncommon, the procedure to remove a word-out keyboard and replace it with a new one can be accomplished without difficulty. The most challenging part of the process will be tracking down a compatible laptop keyboard.

1  Turn off the asus U50 U50F computer and unplug any power or data cables attached to it. Turn the laptop over and slide the battery latch to the unlock position. Remove the battery. Turn the laptop right-side up and lift the lid.
2  Use your fingernail or the screwdriver to gently lift up the plastic bezel above the asus U50 U50F keyboard. Avoid cracking the plastic piece. Start on the right side above the “=” key. Lift until the plastic connection tabs come loose. Repeat the process on the right side above the “2” key. Set the bezel aside.
3  Use the Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the small screws that secure the asus U50 U50F keyboard to the laptop. Set the screws aside in a cup or bag for safekeeping.
4  Lift the keyboard up from the laptop gently. Hold the asus U50 U50F keyboard about two inches above the laptop. Remove the data ribbon cable from the motherboard. Set the keyboard aside.
5  Secure the replacement asus U50 U50F keyboard’s data cable to the motherboard. Set the keyboard on the laptop and line up the holes for the screws. Use the screwdriver to replace the screws.
6  Set the bezel piece in place. Push down firmly on the left side until it clicks into place. Repeat the process for the left side. Close the lid, turn the asus U50 U50F laptop upside-down and replace the battery. Slide the battery latch to the locked position.<br /><br />

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