How to Replace the Keyboard for Toshiba A300 laptop

Your Toshiba A300 laptop is just a spilled drink or an accidental drop away from being an expensive paper weight. If the keyboard has stopped functioning or the keys all stick it may be time to replace the malfunctioning unit with an entirely new toshiba a300 black keyboard (or toshiba a300 silver keyboard). Although tearing apart your Satellite A300 may seem extreme, it’s actually a rather short and simple process to remove the existing keyboard and install a different one.


Turn off the A300 and disconnect any cables connected to the laptop. Close the Toshiba’s display lid and flip the laptop upside down.

Push over the battery bay release latch at the top end of the Satellite A300. Pull the battery pack out of the laptop. Turn the laptop back over and open the display lid all the way so the A300 is laying out flat.

Locate the plastic indicator panel that is positioned below the A300’s LCD screen and above the keyboard. Slide the end of a flat head screwdriver underneath the right side edge of the indicator panel.

Lift the screwdriver upwards to unlock the panel from the A300 laptop. Pull the panel off and set it aside.

Remove the screws located above the “F1” and “Pause Break” keys with a Phillips screwdriver. Lift up the top edge of the keyboard and set it face down on the A300’s palm rest.

Locate the ribbon cable running from the bottom of the keyboard to the A300’s motherboard. Push aside the white connector tab locking the cable in place and then disconnect the cable from the motherboard.

Discard the old keyboard. Connect the ribbon cable from the new keyboard to the motherboard port and push the white connector tab back into place. Set the keyboard onto the A300 and reconnect the two screws.

Set the indicator panel back into place and push it down to lock it to the Toshiba A300’s case. Insert the battery pack back into the battery bay.

Tips & Warnings

  • Laptop keyboards that are compatible with your Toshiba A300 laptop are available to be bought through online computer parts stores.
  • Keep in mind that your Toshiba Satellite A300 laptop can be seriously damaged if its internal components are ever exposed to static electricity. Before removing the battery you need to ground yourself by tapping your hands against a metal object that touches the ground or by wearing an anti-static wrist strap.


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