Plug a Guitar Into a Laptop & Reset a Gateway Laptop

Plug a Guitar Into a Laptop

Decide whether you want a pedal with a digital out or software emulated equipment. Digital pedals sound better than software emulated equipment, but they can get very pricey. There is free software out on the internet to emulate the sounds of guitar amps and pedals.
Buy a quarter-inch jack to 3.5mm jack (or USB) cable. This will allow you to plug your guitar straight into your computer. toshiba satellite c855 keyboard If you have a pedal with a digital out, plug your guitar into the pedal, then plug the pedal’s digital out into the computer.
Buy a monitor. You will need either a speaker or headphones to be able to hear yourself playing.
Download recording software. If you are on a Mac, you can use Garageband. Otherwise, unless you have purchased other software, you can use a plethora of freeware programs such as Audacity.

Plug your headphones / speakers in the output jack of your computer and set your recording software up to monitor the instrument sound back out to the headphones / speakers. From here, you will need to consult your software’s documentation to set this up.
Adjust the volume recording level of your sound input. Make sure your guitar isn’t clipping. Most programs will indicate if you are clipping by turning the volume bars red once they have reached clipping point. This must be adjusted at the operating system level. toshiba satellite c870 keyboard Find a good guitar sound. Unless you are very familiar with the pedal / software you are using, it will take time to find a good sound that you are comfortable playing and recording with.
Press record and play! For best results, count yourself in before playing.
Consider the next step. Now that you’ve taken your first steps into recording, you may want to start planning the next pieces of equipment that you wish to invest in.

Reset a Gateway Laptop

Copy all important data if possible.

Before resetting your Gateway laptop, you need to save all important and pertinent information if you can. (This, of course, may not be possible if the computer is completely frozen or crashed.) Once the laptop has been reset, you will not be able to access these documents, photos, and other information.
If you were not able to make recovery discs because your laptop doesn’t have a recordable drive, you could also copy them to your network.
Most information that is currently saved on the laptop and which you wish to retain can be saved on a flash drive. Larger amounts of information, or that which you want to have duplicate copies of, toshiba satellite c875 keyboard can also be saved on a CD-R or DVD-R disc. It is important to note, however, that a CD/DVD burner is required when saving documents on CD-R or DVD-R discs.

Locate the reset disc and any other rebuilding and reformatting discs you have.

All new Gateway laptops are sold with all the software tools loaded on their hard drives that you’ll need to restore your system. Ideally, you should have made a disc of these reset tools when you first opened your new Gateway. toshiba satellite l855 keyboard You also were able to create driver and applications recovery discs from your Gateway laptop’s hard drive. These are the discs you’ll need to reset your Gateway laptop now, as they contain device drivers, Windows XP system tools, and other programs.
If you cannot locate the recovery discs, you may be able to purchase what you need at an electronics stores. In addition, reset discs are occasionally sold online through Internet auction sites.

Reset the computer.
Start by placing the reset disc into the disc drive of your computer. Any windows which appear can be closed at this time. Restart your computer.
When you have restart the computer, you will see a window that says “Press any key to boot from CD.” Select “OK” to continue resetting your computer.
You will next be asked “Where do you want to install Windows?” In most cases, private Gateway owners will want to have Windows installed on the primary drive. toshiba satellite l875 keyboard Select the option labeled “Primary,” and hit “Continue.” Pressing this series of buttons will instruct the computer to erase all of the material currently on your hard drive, as well as to re-install the appropriate operating system.

Examine the computer.
Once all the previous steps are complete, follow the steps listed above to ensure that your Gateway laptop has been completely reset and the operating system re-installed. However, it is still important to evaluate the computer for any signs of damage. Surfing the Internet is a great way to test the functionality of a Gateway laptop. toshiba satellite l850 keyboard If the Internet speed is greatly increased, chances are that the resetting process was a success. If the Internet is still relatively slow, you may have to repeat the resetting process.

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