The laptop keyboard Asus G60jx key role

The laptop keyboard for Asus G60jx key role, all  Asus notebook key combinations are the same:

asus g60jx laptop

Fn + F1: Suspend mode
Fn + F2: Open the built-in wireless networking features
Fn + F5: dim the brightness of the LCD
Fn + F6: brighter LCD screen brightness
Fn + F7: LCD backlight light switch
Fn + F8: switched to the LCD display, an external monitor or TV
Fn + F9: open or close “touch pad” function
Fn + F10: mute switch (only available on Windows systems)
Fn + F11: decrease the volume (only applicable to Windows systems)
Fn + F12: increase the volume (only applicable to Windows systems)
Fn + Del: “lock the scroll bar on or off” function
Fn + Ins: built-in numeric keypad is enabled. Built-in numeric keypad, the the laptop center-right a total of 15 keys as a general desktop keyboard on the far right of the numeric keys. Like desktop numeric keypad can be used as the numeric keypad to facilitate the use of a large number of input digital, it also can be used as the numeric keypad on the direction keys.
Fn + T: Start ASUS Power 4 Phone application
Fn + V: the startup digital camera applications and photographed
The Fn + <Space>: equivalent to the performance set the shortcut key, press the relationship between system performance and power saving can be set
Fn + C: This key combination to switch the screen to a different color setting options, will appear at the top left of the screen
Asus notebook keyboard schematic diagram

Asus G60jx laptop fan,Asus g60jx white keyboard

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