How to Swap Out Your Laptop’s Video Card

It’s common knowledge that when it comes to parts upgrades, laptops got the short end of the stick. Laptop replacement parts aren’t exactly easy to come by, after all, requiring you to go straight to your laptop’s manufacturer just to get the laptop component you need. If you can manage to get your hands on the right part for a laptop, how are you supposed to put that thing in your laptop? Hp Pavilion DV6-6000 fan It’s a simple matter to do so if you own one of those newfangled very-high-end notebooks where all it takes is a simple sliding off of a panel to reveal the GPU slot. Your laptop, though, is far from that, forcing you to contend with disassembling it piece by piece just to get to its innermost hardware. Lucky for you, while that procedure is certainly difficult, it definitely isn’t impossible. The following is a step-by-step guide to help you do just that.

Take the hinges off your laptop. These aren’t screwed on, so all you have to do is jiggle them a bit back and forth and pry them gently until they come off loosely. Make sure not to pull them out violently, as it could possibly damage these plastic parts.

Unscrew the keyboard once you should be able to see the screws connecting the keyboard panel to the laptop’s chassis, and remember to unplug its connector from the laptop.

Remove the display assembly (the whole upper half of the laptop, screen and all). Its screws will also be revealed by the removed hinges, so get to unscrewing them. After its screws are out, gently lift the display up, HP DV6-6000  Fan but by just enough for you to be able to get to its video and Wi-Fi antenna cables. Carefully unplug these cables before totally removing the display.

Remove your laptop’s optical drive by removing its screw at the bottom of the laptop. Some newer laptops have latches in place of screws; it’s all well and good if you have one of those.

Take out the upper shell of the laptop’s lower half by, yes, unscrewing it from the bottom of the laptop. Lift the shell slowly after unscrewing.

Finally, you uncover what you’re looking for: The laptop’s motherboard, if you’ll notice, every laptop component plugged into the motherboard is also screwed in place. Locate the GPU, unscrew it, and replace it with the upgraded video card.

Do the above steps, but in reverse, so you can put your laptop back together again.

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