How to Replace Lenovo B570 V570 V570C Z570 keyboard

How to Replace Lenovo B570 G570 V570 V570C Z570 keyboard:

The is guide is for Lenovo B570 or V570, the disassembly method is similar.

First of all, turn off your laptop Lenovo G570 / G575 / Z570 laptop, disconnect the the AC adapter and remove the lenovo g570 battery.

1. Turn over your laptop and loose the five screws securing the memory / HDD bay compartment cover, but don’t remove the screws. Remove the memory / HDD bay compartment cover.

2. Remove these three screws. Next to each of the screws is a small sketch of a keyboard etched into the plastic casing to help guide you.

3 Now, open you laptop, push back the 5 tabs which are located above the ‘F1’, ‘F7’, ‘F11’, ‘INSERT’ and
‘PAGE UP’ keys. Then, lift up on the keyboard.

4. Lift up the keyboard a little from the top edge of the keyboard. Then unlock the keyboard cable from the motherboard. To do this, simply lift the lockdown clip approximately 90 degrees.

Now, you can remove the keyboard. Reverse the procedure to install your new Lenovo B570 / Z570 keyboard.
Lenovo B570 Z570 Series Laptop Part:

Lenovo B570 Z570 screen hinges

Lenovo B570 Z570 cpu cooling fan

Lenovo B570 Z570 lcd cable

Lenovo B570 Z570 keyboard

Lenovo B570 Z570 battery

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